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Electronic Publishing Services Announces Three EDGAR Online Workstations for Self-Service Filers to the SEC Now Available for Use: 13F, Section 16 and 12B-25 Forms

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Now available for use as self-service online workstations are three secure websites dedicated to be used by self-service EDGAR filers:, and These websites were developed by President, Jim Plumb, who has made it easy to safely and securely fill out and file these EDGAR Forms from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere. There’s no software to install: all you need is a web-browser. These online workstations provide a secure and economical method of self-service EDGAR filing.

Section 16 Online Filing Workstation

EDGAR Forms 3, 4 & 5 can be prepared and filed at and is available to Section 16 administrators, lawyers, financial advisors, executive insiders and individual investors. An easy-to-use web interface allows you to quickly and simply create section 16 filings to be filed directly to the SEC. There’s no middleman or filing agent needed. All completed forms are stored and are reusable either for amendments or for future filings. Formerly available since 2007 through, it now has newly updated features and its own stand-alone website.

About the Form 13F Online Workstation

The Form 13F Online Workstation is a do-it-yourself website created in 2013 for Institutional Investment Managers to easily file their 13F forms. These forms are quite simple to fill out and anyone can use them to file without the added complexities of having to know XML. The scrubber tool helps eliminate wasted time on tedious tasks. The user fills out a form and is able to upload their holdings in an Excel file. Filers can also file Form 13F Notices and Combination Reports. The Online Workstation transmits these 13F filings directly to the SEC. Also offered is a searchable official list of 13F securities, in both Excel and CSV versions, for use in preparing 13F Information tables. Free of charge to our self-filers, they can be obtained per quarter, current year and for previous years at $25 per quarterly period for others wishing to make use of it.

12b-25 Online Filing Workstation

This is a totally new workstation designed as a self-service product for Form 12b-25 — the notification of late filing for EDGAR Forms 10-Q, 10-K, 20-F, 11-K, N-CSR and 10-D. This Form 12b-25 Online Workstation is used when you need to notify the SEC that you’re going to need an extension in time to file any of the abovementioned EDGAR forms, in whole or in part.

  • create a new Form 12b-25
  • view the newly created Form 12b-25 online
  • print for review
  • test file and live file with the SEC

If you would be interested in seeing any of these workstations in action, contact us for a quick demo.

Coming soon are the following online workstations for Self-Filers: Form D, 8-K and SC 13G filings. Pricing for online workstation filings are being worked out.

About Electronic Publishing Services, Inc.

The EDGAR staff of Electronic Publishing Services, Inc. has worked in the Financial and Technical Publishing Services industry since 1991. Our specialty is EDGAR conversions and filings. EPS is located in the Boston MetroWest area and provides professional business services to clients throughout the world.