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Schedule 13D and Schedule 13G XML Filing Software Now Available

  • by (EFA), which is a division of Electronic Publishing Services, Inc. (EPS), is happy to announce the availability of the Schedule 13D/G Online Workstation (13DGOLWS) :-)! The filings that were called SC 13D and SC 13G are now SCHEDULE 13D or SCHEDULE 13G when filed as XML forms. The SEC is currently accepting these new form types, however, both of these form types will be mandatory as of December 18, 2023. Our line of online workstations allow for filers to create, submit, and manage EDGAR forms using a web browser from anywhere. No software to buy, no XML to learn.

Features of the 13DGOLWS:

Easily manage the filing of both forms from one location

Allows for filing of multiple reporting persons

Attach exhibits

Test and live file

Copy forms for re-use

Future: export to/import form Excel!

Now Beta Testing!

We are looking for people to test our latest release of the 13DGOLWS and will give all testers a free SCHEDULE 13D or SCHEDULE 13G filing!