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EDGAR Resources


Resources for EDGAR filers and those preparing to become EDGAR filers.

U.S Securities and Exchange Commission – Home page for the SEC
Search SEC EDGAR Database – Look for public company filings.
SEC Phone Numbers and Federal Holidays
EDGAR Filing Website Login – File live with EDGARlink.

Form ID Website: EDGAR Filer Management Website

EDGAR Full-Text Search:
EDGAR Form Types Defined

SEC Divisions: Corporation Finance | Investment Management

EDGAR Forms (PDF): Form 10-Q | Form 10-K | Form 12b-25 | Form 8-K | All EDGAR Forms
Information for EDGAR Filers (SEC)
Section 16 Electronic Reporting Frequently Asked Questions
Schedule 13G Instructions for help in filling out and filing Form SC 13G and amendments.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Rulemaking and Reports | FAQ

XBLR: Information about the XBRL Filing Program | 2018 US GAAP Taxonomy with notes on deprecated elements

Tool for XBLR Preparers: Convert periods of time (durations) to ISO 8601 Duration Format

EDGAR Filer Manual (in PDF format):

Volume I Volume I, General Information, covers the EDGAR application process, outlines how to keep company data current and provides a brief introduction to the filing process. Volume I is intended to be a reference for those that need to obtain EDGAR access, those that are new to EDGAR and those that are responsible for keeping company information current.

Volume II EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume II), EDGAR Filing, focuses entirely on the filing process. It illustrates each step of the process to submit an electronic submission and helps filers understand the tools provided by the SEC for constructing and transmitting those submissions. This volume is intended to be a reference for those that are responsible for submitting filings to the SEC via the EDGAR system.