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Our Services

EDGAR Conversion Services (EDGARizing)

The EDGARizing process consists of taking electronic and paper documents and converting them into the SEC’s EDGAR standard HTML format. Most EDGAR filings start out as Word and Excel documents and perhaps PDF files saved from Word or PDF files scanned from paper masters. We can convert most all electronic formats such as MS Word and Adobe PDF with proprietary software. For paper documents we typically use OCR software from several vendors and as last resort we can re-key the documents. Whatever it takes, we can get it done.

Online Workstations for XML Forms and Filings

Other types of EDGAR filings are completed using proprietary software or online forms such as Form 13F, Form D, Form 12b25, Form 144, Form 13H and Section 16 filings Form 3 and Form 4. Our Online Workstations (OLWS) are designed as easy-to-use self-service filing tools and provide you the opportunity to fully manage all your forms, from form creation to filing. You have access to all your forms for re-use and amendment if necessary. Our Section 16 OLWS allows for team use so you can manage a large number of insider filers and filings. See below for a description of our currently available OLWS.

Section 16 Forms 3, 4 & 5 can be done by a filer online as a self-service solution at our Section 16 Online Filing Workstation or if you would prefer full-service, we can assist you in our office by one of our EDGAR filing agents.

SEC EDGAR Form 13F-HR available at our Form 13F Online Workstation as one of our Online Workstations. Self-file the various 13F forms: 13F-HR Holdings Report and Combination Report, 13F-NT Notice, and 13F-CTR Confidential Treatment Request.

Are you going to be late in filing a 10-Q or 10-K? Request an extension at our Form 12b25 Online Workstation. File forms NT 10-Q, NT 10-K, NT 20-F, NT 11-K, and NT 10-D here. For a limited time, all 12b-25 filings are free of charge!

For Regulation D filers we have the SEC Form D Online Workstation which recently came online.

Recent rulemaking changes by the SEC resulted in the requirement to file Form 144 electronically through the EDGAR system. We now have the SEC Form 144 Online workstation online.

If you need to file a new Schedule 13G or amendment we have the SEC Form SC-13G Online Workstation available online now.

EDGAR Writebacks

Conversion of an EDGAR HTML filing to MS Word, suitable for printing. This is only available with HTML filings.

XBRL Interactive Data tagging services

We are working with Smaller Reporting Companies to help them comply with current SEC regulations regarding the XBRL phase-in process. If you have yet to begin filing XBRL exhibits with your quarterly 10-Qs and annual 10-Ks, then you can contact us to get a quote for the cost.