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Electronic Publishing Services, Inc. Announces its New Product: Form 13F Online Workstation

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Hopkinton, MA — Electronic Publishing Services, Inc. announced today that it has created an online filing workstation for Institutional Investment Managers who are required to file 13F-HR forms in accordance to Section 13(f) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 [15 U.S.C. 78m(f)] and rule 13f-1 [17 CFR 240.13f-1].

EDGAR Filing Agent, a division of Electronic Publishing Services, Inc., is implementing the SEC’s new XML technical specification for Form 13F that was approved by the SEC on or about May 20, 2013. A Manager must file a Form 13F report with the Commission within 45 days after the end of each calendar year and each of the first three calendar quarters of each calendar year. As of May 20, 2013 the SEC will only accept online Form 13F filings in the new XML format. This includes 13F-HR, 13-HR/A, 13F-NT, and 13-NT/A submissions.

Features of Our System

  • Simple, do-it-yourself method of filing your 13F forms.
    •           Save forms for future re-use or amendment.
    •           “Scrub” your Form 13F Information Table listings before you file to remove non-13F securities and conform names and descriptions to the official list.
    •           Easy upload of the 13F Information Table.
    •           Test and live file your Form 13F with the SEC; receive and review filing notifications immediately.

The website contains a searchable, current and past, official list of Form 13F Securities.

For frequently asked questions about Form 13F, instructions on how to create a 13F filing and how to use the online workstation go to  Cost per 13F filing is $50 when done by the Investment Manager.

For those Investment Managers who don’t want to use the workstation themselves, their 13F forms can be done by submitting their data in the same format they are used to, and their filings will be done in house for $125. (There is a one time $25 set-up fee for the first filing.) Contact Electronic Publishing Services, Inc. by phone or email to set up an account.

About Electronic Publishing Services, Inc.

The EDGAR staff of Electronic Publishing Services has many years of experience in the Financial and Technical Publishing Services industry. Our specialty is EDGAR conversions and filings. Executive Director Jim Plumb has been doing EDGAR filings since 1993.

We take pride in our quality and speed of service. Our professional staff can quickly and accurately convert your financial or legal document to EDGAR specs and ensure your filings are performed in a timely manner.

The 13F Online Workstation was created by Jim Plumb based on an earlier online workstation he created for do-it-yourselfers to easily self-file Section 16 forms 3, 4, & 5 at a low cost. These forms can be done by anyone by using There is no software to install, all one needs is a browser.

We are located in the Boston MetroWest area and serve clients in the United States, Canada and throughout the world.

EDGAR Filing Agent,
a division of Electronic Publishing Services, Inc.
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Hopkinton, MA 01748
PH:  508-544-1254
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